Rescued Wines - Heart Giving Back

 Owner Craig Davies is a huge animal lover. On any given day, you'll find his dog, Vino, and others running around the studio. When Rescued Wine started, his wife Amy volunteered at the local humane society. The shelter was raising money for a new building, so Craig decided Rescued Wine would help. By donating sales from every candle sold. Today, the give-back is national. Rescued Wine strives to help animals in need by donating proceeds and products to animal rescue groups. Cheers!

Our commitment to these values is what sets us apart. Each candle we produce is not just a high-quality item but a unique creation with a greater purpose. The more our candles are loved, the more animals we can help together. We invite you to be part of this journey.

If you would like to request a product donation for your animal rescue event, please contact us at or ask us about our fundraising program!

Here are some rescue groups we've worked with...

Fetching Tails Foundation

Fetching Tails Foundation is a 501c3 Illinois based non-breed specific rescue committed to saving dogs regardless of breed, age, and physical ability.  Our foundation is committed to lowering euthanasia rates by rescuing adoptable dogs from high kill shelters and other animal intake facilities and placing them in approved adopted homes.  We are dedicated to helping our community through educational programs and combined efforts for spay & neuter clinics.